Friends of Chevy Chase Circle

District of Columbia - Maryland


Friends of Chevy Chase Circle

. . . Cultivating a Treasured Landmark

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Fountain with rainbow. Benches fully repaired. Park service fixing benches. New plantings in the traffic triangles Fountain being re-constructed. Newly planted trees. Flower.

Inventory of Needs for Chevy Chase Circle: (Or what have we done with your donations!)

  • DONE! Work with Federal contractors to refurbish fountain and concrete base. Add new pumping system and state-of-the-art recycling capabilities. (2022-2023)
  • DONE! Install new plantings in the four flower-beds that are low-maintenance and sustainable, provide seasonal interest that are in keeping with the historical venue. (2022)
  • DONE! Add lighting to and around the fountain by developing a lighting design and seeking approval through the US Commission of Fine Arts. (2020)
  • DONE! Work extensively with the District's DDOT and Maryland State Highway Administration to successfully re-paint and re-configure traffic flow in and around the circle. (2020)
  • DONE! Incorporate landscaping planning for the Circle with the traffic islands that are directly north and south of the Circle, adding new plants, grasses and perennials. (June 2017)
  • DONE! Provide for continued maintenance and upgrades of plants and trees. (2014 to present)
  • DONE! Through a matching Centennial Challenge Grant, repair all of the bench backs and seats. (2017)
  • DONE! Replace Willow Oaks on Circle's perimeter as needed, prune and maintain to best-practice standards. (Final installation: Fall 2023)
  • DONE! Evaluate and inspect flagstone walkways for damage, possible hazardous conditions, and repair or replace as needed. (March 2023)

What’s still to be done????

  • PENDING! Level and re-set stones in 1933 walkway or “promenade” on the outer perimeter of the circle.
  • PENDING! Remove the name “Newlands” from the fountain’s coping stones and the front tablet.
  • PENDING! Provide safe pedestrian passage into the circle.

What are the ongoing needs for Chevy Chase Circle?

  • ONGOING! Provide for the continued maintenance of the circle’s flowerbeds and the traffic splitters by montoring the care of the circle and the contractual relationships with commercial landscapers.
  • ONGOING! Maintain relationship and contactual obligations to the National Park Service by fulfilling all agreements and reciprocal obligations.
  • ONGOING! Provide for a Circle Trust Fund through the active solicitation of donations that would provide for a maintenance source into perpetuity.
  • ONGOING! Assure continuing stewardship with strong leadership and wide-spread community representation on the Friends of Chevy Chase Circle’s Board of Directors.