Friends of Chevy Chase Circle

District of Columbia - Maryland


Friends of Chevy Chase Circle

. . . Cultivating a Treasured Landmark

Images of Proposed Work

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Benches missing seat rail. Benches fully repaired. Park service fixing benches. New plantings in the traffic triangles Fountain in need of repair. Path in need of repair.

Inventory of Needs for Chevy Chase Circle

  • Maintain fountain and fountain base plus pumping system
  • DONE! Incorporate planning for the Circle with the traffic islands that are directly north and south of the Circle (New plants, grasses and perennials were installed in June, 2017.)
  • Provide for continued maintenance and upgrades of plants and trees
  • DONE! Replace some or all of the bench backs and seats (Financing has been secured through a matching Centennial Challenge Grant and new benches are on their way!)
  • Install protective devices such as metal rods that can be embedded in the azaleas to impede out-of-control automobiles
  • Install new plantings where needed that are low-maintenance and sustainable, provide seasonal interest and that are in keeping with the historical venue
  • Soil test beds to understand soil problems; begin to target solutions such as soil enhancement and drainage
  • Work with the government agencies responsible for the streetscape and install curbs and curb gutters that are in compliance with current height regulations
  • DONE! Replace Willow Oaks on Circle’s perimeter as needed, prune and maintain to best-practice standards (Through the generosity of the Casey Tree Foundation, for the first time in generations, the full complement of 30 willow oaks now stand in the Circle.)
  • Evaluate and inspect flagstone walkways for damage, possible hazardous conditions, and repair or replace as needed
  • Fix and improve irrigation system to be used on an as-needed basis
Strategic Plan
1 to 2 Years3 to 5 Years5 to 10 Years
  • Develop infrastructure repair plan for fountain and walkways
  • Replace benches
  • Replace missing willow oaks
  • Trim and maintain tree canopy
  • Fix and repair fountain
  • Add protective curbs
  • Fix and repair flagstone walks
  • Redesign and replant Circle
  • Provide for a Circle trust fund that would provide a maintenance source in perpetuity
  • Improve maintenance
  • Plant tulips